Sustainability governance

Our sustainability strategy is embedded in our business model and governance structure.

Our approach to sustainability governance means that activities under each focus area are aligned with the respective objectives for each business unit, thereby maximising our ability to create shared value for our business, society and the environment.

The Sustainability Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and delivery of work under each sustainability focus area, as well as the Risk Management Working Group. It is chaired by our CEO and includes among its members the Directors responsible for each Sonae Sierra business unit, as well as key corporate functions.

Our Sustainability Office provides support and guidance around the delivery of activities under each focus area across our owned portfolio and corporate offices, with specific responsibility for Safe People & Resource Resilience including sustainability-related services.

Responsibility for identifying and implementing activities under Future Fit Retail rests with the Marketing Department and Innovation Office. Responsibility for identifying and implementing relevant actions under Knowledge is allocated to the Human Resources Department.

This structure boosts the link between sustainability and innovation, and facilities the delivery of commercial sustainability services to our clients.

  • Developments
  • Investment Management
  • Property Management
  • Development
  • Corporate

Risk Management

Effective risk management underpins both our business and sustainability strategy by ensuring that risks associated with all our business activities are identified, managed and controlled.

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