Our sustainability strategy

As of December 2020, our active sustainability strategy is built around three focus areas where we can most effectively create shared value for our business, society and the environment. They address the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business as a real estate services provider.

The core activities and objectives for each focus area are summarised below.

Safe People & Resource

Managing safety and health risks and environmental impacts in operating assets, developments, expansion and refurbishment activities; capturing value creation by delivering sustainability services.

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Future Fit

Anticipating emerging retail trends and pioneering new concepts that respond to changing consumer expectations; exploring the interface between sustainability and innovation to support our clients’ and tenants’ business performance.

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Increasing human capital while ensuring high levels of staff productivity; embedding more sustainable lifestyles aiming to improve health and wellbeing amongst our staff.

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A robust sustainability governance structure and an embedded process of stakeholder engagement are both important components of our strategy.

The evolution in our business strategy affects the materiality of our existing sustainability strategy. In 2020 we therefore undertook a strategic review of our sustainability strategy to assess its continued ability to deliver shared value within the context of these changes. To better support the revision of our sustainability strategy we also revised our materiality matrix. They are both be in place from 2021 onwards.

Our revised sustainability strategy builds heavily on our previous commitments to deliver shared value while providing greater alignment between our business model and sustainability goals.

A new sustainability strategy – two strategic priorities

We are committed to delivering solutions to clients and partners that create shared value for business and society. Our new strategy entails a tighter focus on the areas where we can address the most significant sustainability risks and create shared value within the context of our new business strategy and materiality review. It is organized in two strategic priorities:

Future-proof the lived environment – with this strategic priority we will serve the human and business needs of tomorrow’s cities, by future-proofing the built environment and operations through responsible investment criteria and sustainability solutions.

Safe, healthy & engaged workforce – with this strategic priority we will ensure a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce by developing employees’ skills and productivity within a safe, healthy and empowering culture.

Our strategy is underpinned by a sound Risk Management.

Sustainability Targets/Actions Reports

Each year we track our progress against the previous year's annual sustainability targets and actions.

Since 2005 we have commissioned external evaluations of our progress against these targets, and since 2008 these have also included internal sustainability actions.

These reports provide details of the targets and actions achieved and the methodology used to make the evaluations.

In 2020, we fully achieved 19 out of 24 sustainability targets (79%). One target set at the beginning of the year was considered not applicable (4%).

We also fully achieved 42 out of 60 sustainability actions (70%). Six actions set at the beginning of the year were considered not applicable (10%) and seven were partially achieved (12%).

Progress against 2020 Sustainability Targets


Progress against 2020 Sustainability Actions


Sustainability Objectives

We have also set ourselves long-term objectives related to the Safe People and Resource Resilience, Future Fit Retail and Knowledge focus areas of our sustainability strategy.

A full list of our current long-term objectives is available to download below.

Sustainability Objectives


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