Sustainability Legal and Risk Assessment

At Sonae Sierra, sustainability legal and risk assessment help organisations that are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate efficient management of economic, social, and environmental issues.

At the same time, evidence suggests that this approach ultimately results in benefits and business advantages when dealing and establishing relations with official entities.

Our services provide our clients with a sound strategy that identifies and manages safety, health, and environmental legal requirements. They can maximise the value of a plot of land, by assessing its risks and liabilities, and provide you with specialist assistance when developing a project, or manage people and physical asset risks, as well as obtaining building permits and urban planning assessments.

In the end, our partners and clients to comply with legal obligations, decrease the risk of fines, penalties, work stoppages, lawsuits, or complete business shutdown, and become less exposed to liabilities.

Environmental legal compliance

Through sustainability legal and risk assessment, our teams make sure investors, partners, and clients align with proper environmental legal compliance, at the local, national, and international level.

This is of the utmost importance for an excellent public reputation, but also investment returns, since studies have found that there are benefits and advantages to consider when dealing and establishing professional relations with official entities for the advancement of environmental issues.

As such, it is not uncommon to establish performance and business goals in line with sustainable ones. The strategy begins with an assessment and a mitigation plan, which will also include the areas of climate change and its financial and technological implications.

Our teams will support you in obtaining a license for a development project, develop socioeconomic and environmental impact studies, or undertake due diligence to assess any existing environmental gaps to address.

Safety and health legal compliance

Safety and health legal compliance’s goal is to foster a safe and healthy workplace environment.

This means it also involves the identification of potential hazards and exposure to unsafe situations or substances. It may include training in prevention and response, emergency reaction, or the use of proper equipment.

When providing a sustainability legal and risk assessment, concerning safety and health legal compliance, our teams foster the development of healthy working environments and activities that further reduce the risk of health-damaging situations to those involved in any project.

Often a complex and time-consuming task, compliance applies not only to the day to day operations of the office but also those of shopping centres in general. It allows for the development and implementation of processes that guarantee that potential changes within the operating space have not introduced new hazards nor change any priorities.

As such, a sustainability legal and risk assessment will also help determine if the existing control measures are adequate or in need of change, prevent injuries, and become aware of potential health and safety hazards and risks.

Environmental due diligence

When acquiring our services, our teams will undertake their environmental due diligence to assess any existing environmental gaps, so as to evaluate the risks and opportunities therein.

It is a form of proactive management, which ensures our client’s projects are compliant with environmental regulations and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Safety and health due diligence

Any organisation or company failing to meet safety and health requirements may face criminal negligence charges.

Our services help our clients take the necessary precautions to make sure workplace injuries and accidents are avoided while promoting an environmental approach required at any asset, thereby improving business operations and reputation among stakeholders.

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