Property Operations

Sonae Sierra is responsible for the property operations of more than 170 managed and / or leased real estate assets distributed all over the world. These assets vary in shape, size, and typology.

Within such a diversity, it’s only natural for our teams to have acquired the experience and knowledge required to provide world-class services. For decades now that we have been establishing the highest standards when it comes to operating real estate assets, anywhere in the world.

What is Property Operations?

Property operations are what keeps the asset running efficiently so as to guarantee strong investment returns. Our operations services also work side by side to all aspects needed to manage a real estate property, which includes specialized research, catchment area analysis, consumer profile or competition positioning, as well as the coordination of the opening of shopping centres, safety and security management, or the definition of operational guidelines for tenants, among other responsibilities and services.

Property operations Services throughout the development stages

A real estate asset such as a Shopping Centre requires a wide array of technical skills in order to run an efficient and smooth operation every single day.

Over the years, our teams have harnessed the experience and knowledge required to help you manage your real estate asset throughout the development stage, providing you with sound advice and guidance by means of an operational management analysis alongside specialized research.

After development, our teams provide a number of services that include the procurement and contracting of suppliers, the definition of common charges, sales and operational audits, or tenants’ relationship and management.

Property Operations services and administrative management

We focus on optimising the operational management of your asset, by providing the following services:

  • Specialized research, including catchment area analysis, consumer profile, competition position and others
  • Operational management analysis provided for development projects
  • Coordination of the opening of shopping centres
  • Procurement, contracting and supervision of suppliers
  • Definition and management of common charges
  • Definition of operational guidelines for tenants
  • Tenant relationship and management
  • Sales and operational audits
  • Safety and Security management
  • Parking management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Reporting
  • Service charges and promotional funds accounting and budgetary control

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