Property Marketing

Sonae Sierra’s property marketing provides custom-made marketing services that allow for our assets to stay ahead of their competition.

Our property marketing services can be used while on the asset’s development stage or throughout the property management phase.

Equipped to offer a full range of marketing services, our teams have an outstanding knowledge, backed-up by decades of experience. Their ultimate goal is to bring value to the asset, employing different marketing strategies depending on which stage of development the property finds itself in.

If on the development phase, our teams can conduct a marketing assessment research, so as to align your retail or mixed-used property to local customer preferences or begin preparations for the grand opening, creating a recognizable identity.

But if the asset is well underway in its operations, then our marketing teams may be needed to raise footfall and sales, or create innovative and unique experiences for tenants and visitors alike.

Our property marketing services cover everything you may need in the communications department, from public relations, marketing and communications plans and strategies, to the creation of loyalty programmes, promotions, and events.

What is Property Marketing?

Property Marketing is the application of marketing concepts to retail or mixed-used assets. They aim to bring forth and promote the best features the real estate property has to offer its clients, tenants, and visitors.

As such, property marketing’s first step is research and strategy development.

There is no one solution applicable to all audiences. And in a world with ever-faster digital communications, the consumer market has been revealing itself as extremely fragmented.

Our teams develop internal and external communications based on a balance between plan and implementation, in order to approach the target audience in the best possible manner.

Different strategies apply to different consumer targets. These are created and managed by our teams to promote and support the unique experiences the asset is to provide its audience.

Property Marketing Research

Along our many years of activity, we have gathered an extensive property marketing research.

This is what gives us the knowledge and the expertise to present viable real estate marketing plans that are essential for decision making processes to have worth within the business value chain.

Our research includes location analysis or asset performance forecast, as well as commercial positioning or consumer segmentation and profiling. Market research, competitive and data analysis are areas within which our property marketing teams thrive on.

This research process provides our teams with strategic solutions to apply into local market opportunities, so as to add competitive value to your business, in a world where generic marketing applications are simply not enough.

Property Marketing Services

Our teams at Sonae Sierra add value to your property by properly preparing and communicating it through the following services:

  • Market research
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Full marketing service during Development
  • Marketing Assessment for Development Phase
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations Plan
  • Product and Customer
  • Customer Experience projects
  • Loyalty Programmes

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