Property Leasing

For over more than 30 years that Sonae Sierra has been providing property leasing services to different types of real estate assets across the world.

We have a strong network of tenants throughout the globe, and our teams have acquired expert knowledge in achieving investors’ and tenants’ objectives alike, as well as providing quality property leasing services that help our clients not only increase profitability but also achieve the most advantageous tenant mix.

What is Property Leasing Services?

When our clients are in need of upgrading a poorly performing property asset or stay ahead of the competition, the answer may be in our property leasing services.

There is a wide range of property lease arrangements possible and, when entering into property leasing agreement, many considerations should be kept in mind. Our assistance may differ depending on our client’s main objective: from maximising the value of a plot of land to the alignment of an asset to the ever-changing customer preferences.

Whichever the case, resorting to property leasing is a widely popular option. For example, when a project is developing, the tenants required to occupy it immediately after its conclusion is one of our many services provided.

Our teams will provide you with the specialist assistance needed to successfully complete the objective.

What are the benefits of a leasing contract?

There are many benefits in acquiring our property leasing services. But a few are fundamental. First of which is adaptability. In other words, it may be tailored to the needs and the objectives of both parties.

Then there is the possibility of financial advantages: property leasing has an established period that allows both parties to better plan and prepare their outcomes as well as providing some tax benefits.

And, as with any service, quality is of the utmost importance to attract new tenants. As such, there is minimum risk of an asset becoming obsolete.

Lastly, pre-established termination rights guarantee your real estate assets keep in line with renewed customer preferences, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Property Leasing Services

Our teams are prepared to provide the best in class property leasing services so as to optimise your property, raise footfall and sales for a retail or mixed-use asset, and guarantee a strong return.

Our property leasing services include:

  • Tenant mix strategy and plan
  • Pre-leasing
  • Definition of the rent-roll
  • Definition of standard lease and shopping centre regulation
  • Commercial contacts with tenants
  • Prepare and submit letting proposals to the Owner
  • Information on tenants’ commercial and financial capacity
  • Negotiating lease contracts
Property Leasing Services

Mall activation as a complement to property leasing

When property leasing a unit, its generated revenue can be further increased by exploring the opportunities provided by the real estate asset itself. This is an innovative way of finding new sources of income by creating value for the brands, consumers, owners, and property managers alike.

Mall activation consists in the management of:

  • Mall Letting – Shop spots, stands & exhibitions, street markets, samplings, expo mall
  • Paid services such as vending machines or ATM’s
  • Media Partners – parking, indoor TV’s, digital advertising, dedicated decoration
  • Brand Activation – naming areas, kid’s areas, co-branded events, flash stores
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Leasing & Mall Activation Opportunities

Boost your business in Sonae Sierra's managed shopping centres! Here, we have the perfect solution for your business either through leasing and/or mall activation opportunities.

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