Fund and Portfolio Management

The overarching objective of these funds is to offer our investors dividends and capital appreciation through investments in high quality real estate assets.
The management of each fund has a common setup: Sonae Sierra owns part of the funds and manages the assets for the duration of the investment. This gives us the opportunity of maintaining the partnerships with the tenants and co-owners of each real estate, whilst freeing capital to invest in new locations or take advantage of new business opportunities, thus increasing the value of the portfolio.
With an experienced team with state-of-the-art knowledge acquired from being active in fund management for over 14 years, we are able to provide our partners and investors a systematic process of operating, upgrading, and disposing of assets using a cost-effective approach. At the same time, we also offer an exceptional return, while decreasing the risks and foreseeing trends and the market evolution.

Fund and Portfolio Management Services:

  • Fund pre-launch - focusing on assisting prospective investors and any retained equity-raising agent - investment bank/real estate broker - in the following main dimensions:
    • Structuring of the Fund
    • Assistance in equity-raising effort
  • Fund management/investor relations - focusing on providing investors with support in the following main dimensions:
    • Valuations of the properties
    • Sales and acquisitions
    • Planning and budget
    • Administrative management of fund vehicles
    • Investor relations management

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