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About Us

Sierra Investment Management provides first class investment management services for a portfolio of real estate funds and operating assets across Europe.

Our team is comprised of professionals with more than 15 years of wide-ranging expertise in the real estate market, who are able to identify and implement value creation opportunities across the portfolio of assets, delivering high returns on the funds or individual assets that Sonae Sierra manages. We have extensive knowledge and a well-informed understanding of the risk factors that could influence the expected outcome of the projects and the return of the assets we manage. This allows us to take the appropriate initiatives to mitigate such risks and minimise the impact of potentially negative external factors.

Sonae Sierra investment management services– which include Asset Management, Fund and Portfolio Management, Sales and Acquisitions and Investment Strategy and Advisory – are tailored to the specific needs of each individual project or investor in a way that allows us to maximise the potential benefits for our clients and optimise their returns and profitability.

Why are we the partner of choice?

  • Sonae Sierra’s innovative and multidisciplinary approach allow us to maximise the return on investment for different partners and clients.
  • Proactive risk management combined with customised strategies which unlock value and boost future growth in relation to both fund and asset management, under a broad range of macroeconomic conditions.
  • As a co-investor, we are able to ensure that interests are completely aligned.
  • We provide detailed reporting on a regular basis, with fully transparent information tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Our reputation is built on trust, integrity and passion. We are your partner of choice.

Investment Management Services

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Contact Us -  Luis Mota Duarte - Executive Director, Investment Management

Luis Mota Duarte Executive Director, Investment Management

Contact Us - Ana Guedes Oliveira - Executive Director, Asset Management

Ana Guedes Oliveira Executive Director, Asset Management

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